Fullstack independent developer
Steve Genoud

  • You need to complete your team to achieve a goal?
  • You are building a prototype for your startup?
  • You are looking into building a custom tool for your buisiness?
  • Your staff needs some specific training?
  • Are you looking for an external point of view on a technology stack?

As a fullstack independent developer I can help you reach your goals. Send me an email!



A ease with fontend, backend as well as operations.

Pragmatic and agile

Looking for the right solution to a specific problem.

Complexity as a challenge

Able to grasp quickly a complex problem.

Web plaform

A command of the platform beyond the tools of the day.

Python specialist

More than 10 experience with the Python language and ecosystem.

React.js specialist

A deep knowledge of the React.js framework


Horair.es is a web app to create and manage complex schedules.
Posologies.com allows medical professionals to access drug indications.
Bulletpoints Studio generates custom branded Powerpoint templates.